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Since our chance meeting at a small food co-op in 2013 we have been inseparable, spending our first solid year together drawing and listening to music in a small house in the woods. We found that making art is our true passion and would like to help others share in that joy, whether that is through cleverly and attractively designed marketing tools like flyers or t-shirts, or a responsive and modern website that customers can find and utilize easily.  We decided to be joined together in marriage November 18, 2016 and are looking forward to growing Skwid Ink Designs, LLC together.

MATTHEW WILLIAMS Certified Welder, Illustrator
Obtained his welding certification from Northern Michigan University in 2015. An avid doodler since childhood, Matt has always been creative and talented in art. The original “skwid” and the mastermind behind the logo. In his free time, Matt enjoys looking at funny memes, riding his Harley, and dreaming about one day owning a bull dog.

ARIANA WILLIAMS Graphic Designer, Web Developer
Graduated from Northern Michigan University with a BFA in Graphic Communications in May of 2016. Ariana is dedicated to making art a permanent installation in her life and helping small businesses in the community grow. Although she likes the idea of a bull dog, her heart says corgi. See my resume here.