Skwid Ink Designs, LLC (pronounced like “squid”) is dedicated to not only helping small businesses by creating easy and affordable websites, but we are also passionate about bringing custom artwork to our communities. Although we have been making art for our whole lives, we became an LLC in August of 2017.

Why the name Skwid Ink? Good question. Skwid became a high school nickname that just stuck and grew into a logo that grew into an idea that grew into a business.

Who are we? We are the Williams, the Peshtigo chapter. To read more about us, please click here.



What we can do for you

Website Construction
Graphic Design
Fine Art



We Hope You “C” Our Point
We Hope You “C” Our Point
August 21, 2017
We are happy to announce that we have filed to become an LLC! But with this new chapter comes an identity change. Our old name, Skwid Inc Designs, could not be licensed as an LLC because, we...

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